Short 'n Sassy

Can you believe I used to have hair down to my, err, bum? Cra-za-zy! I have a problem. I like to grow my hair long enough to rival a certain long-maned princess, complete with show tune-esque ballad, then chop it all off at once. I'm insane...and not just because of the epic crooning.

This last time, however, I decided I wanted to try out a couple of cute medium length cuts before giving into the dark side (as my bro-in-law would put it = hates short hair on women). But this past week I decided it was time to go all the way. Maybe it was the hot weather; maybe I'm channeling Posh Spice; maybe I'm jealous of my in-laws' Yorkies who both just got their coats shaved for the summer. C'mon, aren't you ever envious of your puppy? No? Um...*cough*...moving right along then...

Without further new 'do!

Rockin' the sassy layers...

Ooooh baby, check out those side burns!

Ahh yeah! Work it!

There's no use denying it - I'm in love! Thanks Sarah! XOXO

Now, what about color? Hmmm...

What about you ladies out there? What are your thoughts on super short hair on chicks? The hubsters is always really supportive, but I have to admit I was a little hesitant that he wouldn't like my hair so short. I was wrong - he totally loves it! Gotta love him! He's especially good at that whole, "Whatever makes you happy, sweetie" thing. =) His brother, on the other hand, not so much. Girls should be feminine and pretty, and to him that means long luscious locks.

What do you think? How about a super awful hair cut? Have you ever cried because your favorite stylist moved away? Do you fly 'cross country to get your hair done 'cause ain't nobody else gonna touch that fabulous coif?

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