Frozen Room Source List

Many of you were asking the colors and sources from Chloe's Frozen inspired room board...

...ta da!

It was about time I provided a full source list!  We wanted to keep Chloe's room upscale and elegant without too many cartoon-styled references, while still having lots of fun!  I hope our findings help you, and I would LOVE to see links to anything you've been doing for your own Frozen fans!



Purple - SW 6974 Plum Blossom (if you're painting an entire wall, I might recommend SW 6829 Magical for a similar tone but less bold; we're planning on using this color in her closet)

Dark Turquoise - SW 6774 Freshwater (slightly teal based blues based on Elsa's dress; these are meant as accent blues when searching for accessories and fabric)

Light Turquoise - SW 6773 Rapture Blue (same as above; would be great as an accent wall or for stenciling)

Gray - SW 7015 Repose Gray (Chloe's walls are currently painted this color)


The poster is from Disney Movie Rewards. Just make an account on the website (it's really easy) and choose from the free downloads. The Arendelle poster is one of the options. Then just have it printed whatever size you like!


The rug is from RugsUSA (where else? ha!).  We loved the design (frozen fractals, anyone?) but ultimately decided it was a little dark for Chloe's taste.  We ordered this rug instead (also from Rugs USA), and she loves it!
(P.S. The background of the rug is definitely more blue and less washed out than this image shows).


The curtains are from Target. Sadly, they are no longer available, but I see a great DIY project with some RIT dye!


The bed shown is Camaflexi High Loft bed sold via Wayfair.

We went with the Mydal bed from Ikea. It's solid pine and ready to paint or stain. It's technically a bunk bed, but we had no problem just leaving off the outside bottom brace and making it a loft bed. It's very sturdy and my daughter loves it!


The mirror is the Ung Drill mirror from Ikea.  I love the shape!  It comes in black, but we're planning on spray painting it Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze.


Chloe wanted a "fuzzy" rug or throw for her room, so we grabbed one of these faux sheepskin rugs from Ikea.


I adore this snowflake pillow, but it is currently out of stock at  We're hoping it becomes available again soon!  If not, we'll probably be making our own with a faux silk pillow and some clear rhinestones from a craft store or Amazon.


We found a great deal on acrylic chairs via Amazon, but I've also seen them for good prices at Home Goods.  If you order from Amazon, make sure you're ordering the correct size.  There are cheaper versions available but they're children sized chairs; we ordered a standard size.


I love the chandelier we bought for Chloe's Frozen room!  It was something she requested specifically and we couldn't be happier with our choice.  You'll find this Hampton Bay chandelier at Home Depot for a great price!  It takes a bit of assembly, but wasn't difficult to install.


This is a large peel and stick decal from Amazon.  Although both Chloe and I wanted to keep her room elegant and not too commercial, what Frozen room would be complete without the ice queen herself?

I'll be sharing a few more sources after we post the next Chloe's Frozen Room update, including her bedding, vanity, and stenciled ceiling!