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Unexpected Urchin

Okay, maybe not "urchin". Is coral considered a type of urchin?

...Just Googled it - they're not.

Okay, now that we're both a little smarter, (or in my case, less oblivious) let's talk about finding awesome items in unlikely places, namely: CORAL.

I love, love, love coral. Especially bright shiny white coral. You know, the fake/bleached kind.  Unfortunately my friends, the store-bought variety usually come with a hold-your-breath sort of price tag. Ugh.

So what's a fashionably frugal gal supposed to do? Make your own!

Okay, maybe not make your own coral, but you know, make it yours. Allow me to explain...

Enter Exhibit A: Pet store coral for fishies. You know, the bright orange and neon green variety. Bleck. But no worries! I have my trusty spray paint (you had to know that was coming...)!

A touch of primer and a few light coats of white and we're in business!

This faux coral came from a pet store for around $6.99.  It's a good sized piece, and just what I'd been looking for!