National Painting Week

Ready to get your paint on?

We've got loads of painting projects in the works 'round here, but since I am quite preggers at the moment I'm being careful to not breathe in those yummy painty fumes.  Just eight more weeks to go, baby!

Meantime, I'm loving these gorgeous furniture makeovers...

Gorgeous, right?  SO fun!

Are you currently working on any DIY projects?  Any PAINTing?  I'd love to see your links!  Are you dying to try something new but not sure where to start?  How about something fun and simple like a chalkboard or a little furniture glazing?



If you're new to DIY projects and/or painting, don't worry!  The best way to learn is by DOING.  You'll make mistakes along the way, and learn better techniques as you go, but being creative is ALL about the process!  Start with a smaller more manageable project (don't go painting your great grandmother's prized dining set right off) and you'll work up the confidence to tackle something a bit more daring!

Happy painting!