Top Posts of 2015

As the world looks towards each new year with anticipation to lose weight, live healthier, save more, spend less, declutter and organize, spend more time with family and friends (the list goes on!), I've decided on a personal mantra to get me through 2016:

"Make Things Happen"

For too long I've been surrounded by unfinished home projects, lists of To-Dos and goals, and a struggle with perfection that keeps me drowning in details.  Determined to simplify my daily routine and surrounding, I pledge to create an environment of creativity, growth, and an abundance of love for my little family.

By "making things happen", I will send the thank you cards I wrote but never bought stamps for; finish the cabinet my husband repaired but I never got around to painting; stop and enjoy the little moments with my children who are each in completely different and totally amazing stages of life (ages 6 months, 3 years, and 7 years); stick to our budget and make our way out of debt; stop planning so much and start doing, even if the results aren't perfect or exactly how I envisioned; I will stop being so hard on myself and start acknowledging all that I do well!

2016 will be a year of change.  It will be a year of doing.  A year to "make things happen!"


A quick look back to what we accomplished in 2015 includes a compilation of some of Bella Storia's top posts.  Decor ideas, easy crafts, free printables, and a few helpful life hacks were among your favorites!

And then there's a few of the blog's all-time favorite posts including the first Frozen Room Inspiration post (Will Frozen Fever ever cool off? My daughters are doubtful.) ;)

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A great big THANK YOU to all my readers!  Stick around...2016 has some BIG surprises in store!