January 25, 2016

How to Decorate After the Holidays

Flashy baubles and delicate garlands are carefully stowed away, promises of weekly holiday events and get-togethers have subsided, and endless hours of (fun!) baking projects are no longer at the top of your To-Do list.  The holidays are over.  A new year has begun!

After the excitement of the end-of-year holidays has calmed, and your layers upon layers of seasonal decor has been stored for the following year, the calm of a clean and simplified house can be a welcome respite from the visual chaos of the past few months.  But after the novelty of a minimalist home dwindles, you might be left feeling like you're living in a sterile box.


My favorite way to decorate after the new year is by layering fresh greenery, adding texture with fuzzy blankets and pillows, and keeping things warm and inviting without all the glitz and glitter!  Here's a few ideas to get you started!

Keep Those Greens!

I love fresh (and faux!) greenery all year long.  Ferns, boxwood, pine, magnolia leaves, palms, you name it...all add life and interest to any home, and are easy to come by!  Gently take apart the giant bows and ornaments incorporated into your holiday greenery and display the simplified winter greens in their own.  It's a great way to add life to your home when the weather is cold and bleak.




Stick to Neutrals

As much as I love the warm tones of fall, and the vibrant hues of December holidays, I find that I'm ready for a palette cleanser at the start of the new year!  Simplify your decor by removing excess colors (pillows, throws, holiday decor, tchotchkes, etc.) in favor of a more calming neutral theme.  Your eyes will thank you!

And if you love color, don't worry!  You'll be off and decorating for spring before you know it!



Reuse Your Red

Though your Elf on the Shelf may look a little out of place in February, if you love decorating with red for Christmas, why not keep the festive hue around for Valentine's Day?

January 11, 2016

Top Posts of 2015

As the world looks towards each new year with anticipation to lose weight, live healthier, save more, spend less, declutter and organize, spend more time with family and friends (the list goes on!), I've decided on a personal mantra to get me through 2016:

"Make Things Happen"

For too long I've been surrounded by unfinished home projects, lists of To-Dos and goals, and a struggle with perfection that keeps me drowning in details.  Determined to simplify my daily routine and surrounding, I pledge to create an environment of creativity, growth, and an abundance of love for my little family.

By "making things happen", I will send the thank you cards I wrote but never bought stamps for; finish the cabinet my husband repaired but I never got around to painting; stop and enjoy the little moments with my children who are each in completely different and totally amazing stages of life (ages 6 months, 3 years, and 7 years); stick to our budget and make our way out of debt; stop planning so much and start doing, even if the results aren't perfect or exactly how I envisioned; I will stop being so hard on myself and start acknowledging all that I do well!

2016 will be a year of change.  It will be a year of doing.  A year to "make things happen!"


A quick look back to what we accomplished in 2015 includes a compilation of some of Bella Storia's top posts.  Decor ideas, easy crafts, free printables, and a few helpful life hacks were among your favorites!

And then there's a few of the blog's all-time favorite posts including the first Frozen Room Inspiration post (Will Frozen Fever ever cool off? My daughters are doubtful.) ;)

Don't forget to check out Moving 101: Part One

A great big THANK YOU to all my readers!  Stick around...2016 has some BIG surprises in store!

November 29, 2015

H&M Must Haves!

Sometimes I'm like . . .


. . . but all for a good cause!  Aren't these items from H&M gorgeous!  Just had to share a few of things I'm drooling over this season!

Seriously, all these amazing home decor items have me swooning!

But wait, there's more!  Copper baskets, faux marble, and ridiculous baby girl clothing.  Gah!

October 21, 2015

Thrifty Chic Halloween Glitter Skulls

Halloween is on it's way!


I guess that's what happens when you have a baby in July...the summer just blows right by!

And while I haven't had the time I'd like to complete all of the half baked furniture projects around here, I have had time (mostly around 3 a.m.) to peruse a few of the lovely fall home tours and Halloween craft projects circulating the web.  Which, in turn, reminded me of one of my favorite little spooky projects I shared on the blog a couple years ago: Glam Glitter Skulls!

Spooky never looked so adorable, am I right?

You'll Need:

plastic skull
white glue or Mod Podge
wide angle craft brush
craft wire or twist tie
hot glue gun (low temp)
ribbon scraps
festive garland scaps
scrapbook paper
optional: spray paint

I started with pre-glittered skulls that actually light up - I know!  But you could easily buy some dollar store skulls and make your own glitter skulls.

1. Glitter your skull:  Paint Mod Podge or thinned Elmer's glue over entire skull and add glitter.  Let dry completely.  This will be messy, so prepare yourself by sprinkling glitter over newspaper or paper plate.  For different effects, you may want to spray paint the skulls first, too.

2. Cut your paper crown:  Cut patterned scrapbook paper about 10" in length and 4" in height. I "eyeballed" how wide I wanted the crown then cute to size, adding a dollop of hot glue to secure the ends.  You can cut out triangles to create the points in the crown before or after securing the ends.  I tried both ways, but found that I liked gluing the ends together then cutting the points where I liked.


Check out the Thrifty Glam Glitter Skulls link for the full tutorial and more pics!

These skulls are easy and really fun to put together.  Your kids might even want to help get their glitter on or help make "junk bows"!

Happy Halloween!