Free Nautical Summer Printables

I've been loving my new Canon printer so much that I can't help but make more printables!  It's so fun to switch things up around the house when the seasons change, and let's be honest, I couldn't be happier that winter is OVER!

Quick Tip Tuesday | How to Keep Your Kids From Destroying the Bathroom

Kids make messes; big, BIG messes!

Honestly, I can't quite seem to keep up with all of the toys, trash, and tangles!  Parenthood, I've found, should be approached with a sense of humor, a spoon full of sugar, and getting ahead whenever you can!


Use bath time to clean up!

Young children aren't exactly pros at cleaning the bathroom daily (if they are, you must tell me your secret!).  But chances are, they bathe fairly often, so why not make good use of the time?

Bath time with my younger kids used to feel like such a long process, and it would bother me to feel like I had to just sit there and get splashed on when I could be doing so many other things!  Of course I like to play with my kiddos, too, but I also really wanted to feel productive!

So I began using bath time as an opportunity for this busy mama to check one more thing off my list!  We all know that it's the little moments throughout the day that add up to a well-maintained house, so what better way to keep the family bathroom from getting grossified (yes, it's a word) than by using those small moments during bath time to spruce things up!

  • Use Your Time Wisely - While your kiddos are taking a bath, grab a sponge or wash cloth and do a quick wipe down of your counters, sink, faucet, and cabinet doors (if your kids are anything like mine, toothpaste ends up in...interesting...places).

  • Use the Steam - Grab a rag or paper towel and clean the mirror while everything is steamy!  No cleaning sprays required!

Mom to Mom Monday | No.2

Ladies.  I have been waiting to do this for way too long!

You may have heard tale of my burning desire to create meaning in my web space.  Somehow create a community of women (and the random guy - hi there!) who love all the pretty stuff, love their families, and maybe need some good friends.

Cause if anyone here does, it's me!

So here we are on our first official blog "Mom to Mom Monday".

*insert cheers and significant whoo-hooing*

Weekly inspiration and humor for crazy mom life!

Some days, I'm not functioning until the late afternoon when I literally have to kickstart myself to do SOMETHING for dinner (fish sticks and frozen peas, anyone?).

Dealing with depression, hormone imbalances, chronic fatigue, single parenthood, children with special needs, autism, extreme work stress, hoarding, diabetes, alcoholism, cancer...I’ve endured or witnessed all these things (and more) either in myself or my family, and yet I know that even completely healthy, well adjusted people may want to throw in the towel on occasion .

But is there such a thing as “normal”?  I think that all the crazy moods, health concerns, family and work dynamics...all the things that beckon you to stay in bed and ugly cry into a pillow ARE normal!  We ALL go through things in life that we might not wish on our worst enemy.  But healing can only begin after you realize that you don’t have to go it alone.

You matter! There’s enough tearing down in this world, what we need is more building up! #momtomommonday is here as a safe space to share both your #momwins and your #epicfails.  I will be deeply guarding this space, making sure that it is free from judgment and downers, and only filled with support, love, and encouraging words.

Healing begins with knowing you’re not alone.

My hope is that this series will evolve into a weekly platform where we can feel the security and freedom to talk about our worries and woes, as well as our triumphs and accomplishments.  Being a woman isn't easy.  We're hard on ourselves, we are expected to be all and do all.  We want equality and fair treatment, but we also crave to be cherished and respected.

And it doesn't matter if you're a parent or not, unemployed or self-employed, single, divorced or happily married, a Baby Boomer or Millennial, wealthy or living off cup o' noodles... doesn't matter because at the end of the day, we're all just trying to figure out our place in this world.

In the end, we're all worthy of love.  Love and compassion from others, and love and acceptance of ourselves.

Happy Monday!

Hugs & High Fives,

8 Questions to Help You Declutter and Organize

It's hard to let go of something when we still find value in it.  We hold on because we don't want to be wasteful, we have memories attached to the item, we have big plans for it...but how much is all that clutter really costing you?

If you're anything like me (hi, friend!) then there are reasons we hold on to things that reaaaally shouldn't be.  Our reasoning is usually sound.  Our intentions always justified.  But how many of these things do we really need (stacks of scrapbook paper from ten years ago, I'm looking at you)?


Check out the above list for some pretty awesome questions (I especially love question #2, 3, and 4) to ask yourself the next time you're holding on to something that might be more useful to someone else, or the recycle bin.

When first beginning a decluttering phase, or if dealing with particularly sentimental items, ask yourself a few of these questions to help make things clearer.  I've found, if I'm truly honest with myself, that I don't really need the item I'm trying to justify holding on to.  I am a triple threat when it comes to hoarding:

1. I'm frugal (I love saving, love a great deal, and hate to waste)
2. I'm sentimental (items carry memories and emotions, afraid to let go and forget)
3. I'm a creative optimist (I see potential in everything and see the value in almost everything)

So, basically, throwing something out, even donating it, sends me into a whirlwind of guilt, sadness, longing for what might have been.  It's not completely rational, but I know I'm not alone in this.  If you feel this way too, just know that every item that you can let go of will slowly, but surely, more you towards your goal of more meaningful, peaceful living.

And in case you're still deciding on whether or not to hold onto that storage unit of stuff from college, or if you really do have a major clutter problem, take a quick look at this eye-opening infographic.