Quick Tip Tuesday: Keep Jewelry from Tangling

Packing can be such a pain:  Trying to remember everything you need, and packing everything you need so it doesn't wrinkle, tangle, squish, or leak.

We recently took a trip to California, and although I'd be spending most of my time chasing little kiddos, I still wanted to bring along a couple of sparkling statement necklaces in case we'd go out for a nice dinner or pose for a few family photos.

I love using plastic "Ziploc" style baggies for travel, and this was no exception.  I was only taking two necklaces and two pairs of earrings, so I didn't think I would need to worry about them tangling.

Uh, wrong-o bongo!

I didn't take a picture, but basically as soon as I put the necklaces together in their little baggie I knew I'd live to rue the day I didn't pack them more carefully.

Already starting to tangle, I pulled them out and decided on a new strategy.

Straws, people.  Straws will save your sanity.

Perfection and a Bathroom Update

The thing about blogging these days is, it's SO easy to compare yourself to other bloggers and their oh-so-shiny sites.  Social media, with all it's stunning imagery, entices us creatives to visualize their latest holiday craft project, furniture DIY, room makeover, or entire house tour, copy and pasted right into our own homes!

Travel Tips for Tots

I don't know any parent that doesn't have some hesitation about road tripping with young children.  Be honest, the "are we there yet" and "I have to go potty" and "I'm borrrrred" choruses aren't what we want to listen to while driving through the countryside for fourteen hours (been there, done that!)!

But, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be painful.  In fact, it can be FUN!

I've put together a list of things I did to prepare to take my kids halfway across the country, by myself, with a dog, while seven months pregnant.

Yes, I'm serious.
Yes, I lived to tell the tale!

How to Decorate After the Holidays

Flashy baubles and delicate garlands are carefully stowed away, promises of weekly holiday events and get-togethers have subsided, and endless hours of (fun!) baking projects are no longer at the top of your To-Do list.  The holidays are over.  A new year has begun!

After the excitement of the end-of-year holidays has calmed, and your layers upon layers of seasonal decor has been stored for the following year, the calm of a clean and simplified house can be a welcome respite from the visual chaos of the past few months.  But after the novelty of a minimalist home dwindles, you might be left feeling like you're living in a sterile box.