September 23, 2014

Fairy Bread

Do you know what kids love?


Put colorful sugary sprinkles on something and they'll love it!

Kids also like PB & J sandwiches.  Mine especially like when I put honey on it, too.  Guess what happened when I put sprinkles on her PB & J (plus honey!) sandwich the other day and used a cookie cutter on the top piece of bread (revealing awesome colorful sugary goodness)?

I got the Mom of the Year Award, that's what!

Wanna hear your son or daughter exclaim that you're totally awesome and the best parent ever?  One word for you:


Sprinkles = Fairy Bread

It's a real thing.

Robert Louis Stevenson even said so.

August 28, 2014

Two Minute Bedroom Update

Sometimes you just need a little pink in your life.  Am I right?

And faux fur.



Making a space happy doesn't have to be expensive or take a ton of time.  Moving into our new home has been expensive (we're working on putting in a yard, landscaping, finishing our basement, building out our fireplace and adding a mantel, while also adding molding throughout the house - whew!) so buying new furniture and decorative items is mostly on the back burner until things settle down a bit.

Until then...

...Ikea to the rescue!

A pair of new velvet cushion covers and a faux sheepskin throw add some color and texture to a bland room.  The pink velvet covers were only $7 a pop, and everyone's favorite faux rug is just $9.99!  Seriously.  #ikeadoesitagain

Here's the bland before:

Pandora (left) and Ty Purrington (right) are my little yin and yang bookends.  Something definitely has their attention.  My guess it the milk man...or a fish truck. ;)

Obviously, nothin' fancy.

Here's the two-minute spruce up:

Pandora...such a poser! ;)

Again, nothin' fancy, but in person, let me tell you, it made a huge difference!

Layer, layer, layer!  I'm tellin' you.  Layers, people.  Like an onion.  Or cakes.  Or parfaits.  'Cause ain' nobody say they don't like no parfait.

P.S. Notice only one dresser (psst, it's on the left)?  Guess what?  It's not there anymore!  New bedside tables and an organized dressing room/closet update coming later this week (Hint: If you follow my Instagram, you've seen a sneak peek)!


Q:  So what have you been sprucing up lately?  What's your best two-minute update?  Do you love Ikea like I do?  What are your cat's names?

August 19, 2014

Bright Night 2014

Duuuuudes!  Bright Night 2013 was Awesome (with a capital "A"), but let me tell you...

...Bright Night 2014 was AWESOMER!!!

These amazing ladies are the bees knees and have done SO much work and sacrifice to bring this event together (#brightnightevent) to support women.  Please check them out and show them some lovin'!

Amy |
Ashley |
Haylie |

Me, driving to Bright Night 2014.  Whoo to the hoo!

Bright Night was hosted at Noah's in Sandy, UT.  Seriously cool building I didn't know existed.  And, they rented out the entire facility!  This huge room was for our meet n' greet, The Alison Show, lunch, and dinner.  We had our choice of classes on the second and third floors, and a fancy break room with snacks and way too much yummy candy!

This was our place setting during the welcome lunch and The Alison Show guest speaker. 

The cutest hot pink napkin bows during our dinner.


Selfie's were taken...


Shelley from The House of Smiths (hey girl!)...

Me, with the cutest ever Whippy Cake! 

Chicks totally know how to party!

Speaking of which...rooftop dance party, anyone?  It was RAD, guys!

The entire day was filled with great women, fab classes with "straight talk", and a little pampering never hurt anyone, right ladies?!

I am SO ready for Bright Night 2015!