Hiya! I'm Holly

First, you must know something very important about me...

I don't trust people who don't like Disneyland.

We good?  Cool.


I'm Holly, and I am a perpetual Jack of All Trades, Master of None.  As a typical ISFP (Meyers-Briggs personality profile) I am an Artist.  I love creating, am obsessed with color, and can spend hours daydreaming about how to make my world pretty.

I am happiest when dabbling in or with the following:  Interior design, fashion and refashioning, the Pacific Northwest, thrift shopping, paper goods, the color aqua, historic architecture, my fluffy kitties or puppy, photography, costume and fine jewelry, walking down Main Street or New Orleans Square, typography, decorating for holidays, journaling, and perpetually sewing pillow covers.

I am a mother to two beautiful kiddos (a girl and a boy - how lucky am I?) and the wife to an adoring computer geek of a hubby.

Originally from Southern California, I was transplanted in Utah circa 2004.  I do miss palm trees, the endless social activities, the glamour, and most of all, my family, but I have learned to love Salt Lake and appreciate just how awesome it can be!

Stick around for a while!  There's a lot going on around here (DIY, home decor, furniture makeovers, fashion, beauty tips, tutorials...) 'cause I just can't help but share all the things that I love!

Bella Storia, after all, means beautiful story.  Everyone's story is precious and lovely in it's own way, full of trials and triumphs, hard knocks and knocks on wood.  And whether your story is just beginning, full of chapters, or in revision, remember it's unique, it's yours, and it's beautiful.

Beautifully Ever After