{Move It or Lose It} Moving 101 - Part Two


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PACK KID'S FIRST.  Just like the kitchen, pack up the "fluff" in your kid's rooms right away.  The idea is to tuck the majority of toys, books, stuffed animals, out of season clothing, etc. away in safe, clean, uninterrupted boxes, bins, or bags.  I know I'm not the only parent who's child can leave a catastrophic wake of blocks, books, fast food toys (ugh), clothing, cheerios and string cheese across their floor in about 3.625 seconds.

Packing unnecessary toys and clothing will help maintain your sanity and allow you to spend less time helping them clean their rooms every day, leaving you more time to coordinate and pack other items around the house.  Just remember to leave enough that they don't feel displaced and bored.

PACK KID'S LAST.  You heard me right, first AND last!  Once everything else is packed and ready to go, dive into your children's rooms and finish packing their rooms.  Then plan to unpack your children's rooms ASAP.  It's important that children feel a sense of continuity in the new house, and finding the perfect place for their rock collection and jammies will make a kid feel right at home in no time. 

TURN THE LIGHTS ON.  And water; and waste disposal; and gas; and phone; and update your address...just to list a few.  Plus, you're going to have the super fun assignment of updating your credit card, bank account, school, church, insurance, and employment contact info.  Yay!  *cough*

Note:  You can do most of these online and ahead of the move.  For example, I went to www.usps.com and updated our address info and even scheduled the date to start forwarding mail.  Super great since I didn't have a lot (read: ANY) extra time before the move to drive all over hill and tarnation to update my address to make sure I was receiving the latest Ballard Designs catalog.  Important stuff here, folks.

THROW IN THE TOWEL.  Go ahead and use towels, blankets, and sheets to buffer your breakables.  I'll admit I'd heard this before and was against it.  Are my clean sheets going to get all wrinkly and dusty packing them around vases and dishware?  Maybe.  But I'm telling you just give in now.  You're not going to want to use an entire Sunday paper to wrap that extra large ceramic urn you got for your wedding, and you're not going to want an extra ten boxes or bags full of towels and sheets when they can easily be packed in with breakables to save space and paper!  Work with what you've got, I say.

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