{Move It or Lose It} Moving 101 - Part One

Who likes moving?  Anyone?  Anyone?


No one.  NO. ONE.

It's time consuming, stressful, crazy town chaotic, and down right exhausting.  And let's be honest...all the planning in the world isn't going to make it something you look forward to.

Don't freak out.

It's not going to be a day at Disneyland (I love you, Happiest Place on Earth!), but it can be more organized and at least more fun than having a route canal.

Pandora has declared a pox upon packing and will sleep until we move, at which time she will hide under the bed for a minimum of two business days.
CREATE AN OVERNIGHT BAG.  You DO NOT want to be searching through boxes and boxes aaaaand boxes to find your toothbrush and fresh undies.  Pretend you're going to Vegas for the weekend and set aside toiletries and clothing to tide you over for a couple nights...minus the sequins and clubbing heels.

CREATE A 24-HOUR BOX.  Like your overnight bag but to save general family sanity, this box should include things like paper plates, plastic utensils ("sporks", anyone?), paper towels, toilet paper, non-perishable snacks (apples, oranges, dried fruit, packaged nuts, nutrition bars, popped popcorn, pop-top tuna, etc.), bottled water, bath towels, and sheets.  Remember that you'll be running around on moving day and won't exactly have time to cook a gourmet meal for everyone.  Healthy snacks and water will keep you going, and knowing exactly where to find your fresh linens and towels will make going to bed that first night much more enjoyable.

EAT YOUR STASH.  Got a few weeks before moving?  Start eating up those refrigerated veggies, yogurt, and sandwich meat.  Take inventory of what's in your refrigerator and pantry and create a meal plan so you are using up what you've already got before Moving Day.  Trust me.  Not only does it mean you'll have less to try to transport, but you'll be saving money...and we all know moving is seriously spendy!

PAPER OR PLASTIC.  Eventually you'll need to pack your cookware, dishes, flatware, and glasses.   Pack everything but bare essentials (one pot, one skillet) and invest in a pack of paper plates, plastic utensils, and plastic cups.  You'll probably be able to continue cooking up until a few days before the move, after that just give in to the fact that you'll be eating out a lot for awhile.  Pizza, anyone?