It's a Box Eat Box World

Ever have one of those days when you can't find your camera charger?
Or your kitchen knives?
Or towels?

Let me just tell you, they're in the a box.  Probably a box marked for the wrong room.

Moving is such a joy.  *cough*

SooOo, no camera charger means no photos.  Sorry guys.  I mean, I could delight your visual senses with more iPhone pics, but seriously?  What kind of blogger would I be if I posted with dark, pixelated photos?  I'll tell you what, I wouldn't win any beauty awards, fo sho!

Meantime, here's a few pics of projects we hope to get done around here real soon!

Project No.1 - Molding:  We are super excited to have gorgeous craftsman style molding around all the door frames, but our poor windows are starting to get a bit jealous.   Something like this is definitely in order.

HellooOo Gorgeous!  I can't wait to beef up the entry/foyer with some crazy fab columns and trim like this.  Wowza!

Project No.2 - Rugs:  Love these rugs!  The grey would be a runner in the entry and the lavender will be perfect in Chloe's big girl room!

Project No.3 - Built-ins:  The crazy thing is, I actually might have this many shoes.  I NEED this closet!  *wink*

Our fireplace surround and nice empty walls are going to get some lovin' too...

All in all we're super stoked to be in our new house and get this show on the road!  Photos coming soon, pinky promise.  Meanwhile, I think I hear a box or ten calling my name...

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