Day 14 | I Thrift, You Thrift, We Thrift

All of these for $11.00!

I know I've based this 31 Day Challenge mainly on refashioning and thrift shopping for clothing and learning how to refashion and dress for your body type...

...but thrift shopping most definitely includes something else dear to my heart:  Home decor!

Dudettes, besides vintage and re-fashionable clothing for me, and fancy dresses for daughter Chlo-bug, my favorest thing to thrift for is stuff for my house.  Holla!

Sometimes it's a slow day at the thrift store.  But other days...

Can't wait to paint those mirrors!

I typically check the large furniture area first since there are fewer items and they are easily spotted by my fellow thrifting competition.  ;)

Then I usually scour the frames and mirror areas next, followed by glassware and wood items.  Finally I check the little girl's section for pretty dresses and the book section for the kiddos.

Chlo-bug, for size reference...

Found this huge frame on the same day as the other frames and mirrors.  I couldn't believe my luck!  This baby is getting painted and will house some decorative wallpaper as art. 

...aaaand what I got when I asked her to do a pretty ballerina face.

Did I mention the frame was only $3.00?


Now this baby is what I'm ridiculously excited for!  Found this for $45, but I took a chance and waited a couple days until it had been on the floor a full week.  I found it still there and marked down to $35.

I bought this diamond in the rough for $25 after negotiating with the manager since it is in such bad shape (peeling laminate, smokey, missing trim, severe water damage on top.

Love the support "legs" and hardware!

Although it's in rough shape, I fell in love with the lines and style and knew right away I could work some magic!

I'm working on sanding and repairing it now, and I can't wait to finish and show you!

Don't forget to keep your eyes open for all kinds of affordable thrifty finds.  I keep a running list of all the things I would like to potentially find while thrifting.  It's good to have a generic idea of items to browse, as well as some specific items you need/want.

I found this fab Aerobic Rider at a DI (local thrift store chain) for about $15.00!  I wasn't looking for any exercise equipment that day but I have always wanted a "health rider".  When I spotted this baby at such a good price, and in nearly new condition, I jumped at the chance.

My shoulders and flabby buns thank the thrifting gods.

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