Day 12 | Thrifting and A Pleated Skirt

Ever have a shopping day where nothing looks as cute on as it did on the hanger and you try on the entire mall trying to find just one really great top and no pair of jeans on the planet is going to fit right and you go home totally defeated because today was just not your day to land a cute outfit?

Today was not that day.

Everything I tried on, everything, was awesome!  I don't know that I put anything back.  It's both awesome and agonizing when that happens.  Everything looks so cute!  And yet, how do you explain to your husband just how much you managed to spend at a thrift (read: cheap) store?

So, the story goes...I bought way more than I'm showing you.  Ha!  I'm saving some of my other pieces for two reasons: 1. They're at the dry cleaners;  2.  I'm refashioning them.

SooOo excited!

I know these pics aren't great, but in person this is the cutest brocade cropped jacket!  I'm feeling a little Mad Men...minus the glamorous facial expression I'm Blue Steelin' here.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may recognize a couple of these pieces.  Case in point:  Everyone loved this wool jacket!  I couldn't believe how perfectly it was tailored to me.  Such a lucky find!

This JLo sweater is super soft and has the tiniest bit of shimmer thread mixed in.  It's a color I don't have much of, so this had to come home with me.

I saw this 80's-licious blouse out of the corner of my eye and was immediately attracted to the gorgeous mermaid green color.  I am not normally a sequins wearer, and this baby has intense shoulder pads (easily removed to anti-linebacker status), but with the holidays coming up I figured I could do with a little fancy in my life.

Really excited to style this modern jacket!  I'm going out of my normal zone with this one too, but I'm thinking of a cool asymmetrical refashion to crop out the back and make this runway ready!

Not shown (yet) is a brand new wool sweater from Sundance, a gorgeous knit pencil skirt, a satin Ralph Lauren dress, and a sparkling silver sweater that's going to get a super cool refashion this week...just to name a few!


In reference to our 3-day mini series on Dressing for Your Body, I wanted to show you how something as simple as a waistline style can work (or not) for your body. 

Unfortunately, my phone ate the pictures of me actually wearing these skirts, but imagine what the waist would look like on this first light gray pleated skirt...

For some body types this fit might look great (hello, Rectangle!), but for me (a Pear) it can definitely add some unwanted curves to the hip area.

Luckily, if you just love a pleated skirt you can still try the style by finding one with a wide waistband like this black version.

Just a few inches of a flat waistband creates a much more flattering silhouette and allows you curvy girls to also wear a belt around the waist while tucking in a pretty blouse.  BAM!  Instant gorgeousness!


Stay tuned, okie dokey?  Life is cray-cray lately and it's been tough to post like I want to, but I've got some original refashions this week you're not going to want to miss!

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