New Digs + A Happy Dance

You guuuuys!  Our home plans and specs are finally in engineering and ready for permits...again!

We're building a fab new home (also our first) and have been working with a home builder since August of 2012.  It took us no time at all once we discovered a floor plan and builder we liked, but it's all in the details, isn't it?  A couple months worth of deposits, custom options, cabinets, flooring, meetings, paperwork, emails, more paperwork, and we were finally signed off and ready to go the first week of December.

Plans went into engineering, we were thrilled, and I started thinking about decorating, house parties, and...oh yeah, packing!

Thankfully, we had our plan and options sent to an appraiser before the builder sent plans for city approval and permits.  Bad News:  The house did not appraise for what we were paying for it!

*Cue the violins and tears*

UPDATE:  We broke ground!

So, after more sleepless nights, more meetings, and lots of chats with our real estate broker, appraiser, loan officer, and family, we finally pared-down our custom options *sad face* and have come to grips with the fact that we'll be doing a LOT of customizing and DIY projects once we're in.

There's a few things I'm bummed about (upgraded cabinets, BIG ol' master bath shower, pretty stair railing), but overall, I'm actually kinda glad we're going to have some projects for the house.  This is our chance to really make it ours and have some fun!  Besides, that just means more awesome projects to share with YOU!


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