{Mani Monday} Triple Stripe with Coral, Silver, & Teal

Oops, I didn't take pictures along the way for a tutorial!  Ack!  Hopefully, y'all are smarter than me and don't need photos to visualize what I did.  It was simply, really...

1. Paint Vernis Heavy Metal over entire nail
2. Stick thin piece of tape diagonally over middle of nail
3. Paint tips with Rue Teal 139
4. Paint crescent of nail with Sally Hansen Coral Reef
5. Use Q-tip and/or angled brush dipped in pure acetone for cuticle clean up

Okay, so that would've been the smart way to do it.  But I'm not smart.  At least not at a sleep deprived 2am.  Nope, I free-handed this mani.  Not bad, really, but it would've looked much better had I taped it off. *hint hint*

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Sally Hansen / Coral Reef
Vernis / Heavy Metal
Rue / Teal 139