When at First You Don't Succeed

Why is it when you're all geared up to do something crafty Murphy's Law takes over and you end up finished before you've started?

Plan A:

Wanted to paint this handsome devil for Halloween...brand new can of black spray paint wouldn't work.  Serves me right for buying the cheap stuff.

Plan B:

Wanted to make black tulle wreaths for Halloween a la this one - but ran out of black tulle halfway through.  Gah.

Feeling a bit deflated after Plan A and B didn't pan out, I figured I'd skip Halloween altogether and move on to winter holidays.  Who needs Fall anyway, right?  *sniff*

Plan C:

Make winter mittens and hat from old sweaters.  BAM!  We have a winner (although don't think for a second that I didn't worry that my sewing machine would jam and bust up the whole project)!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a full account and see how adorable my new mittens turned out!

P.S.  Don't worry, I haven't given up on Plan A or B yet.  Gotta bring more than a bum can of paint and lack of black netting to bring this crafty diva down!