Palette Inspiration

Sorry I've been MIA lately. Since I'm secretly working for the CIA, I've just had no time to myself. Got my pantry reveal coming up soon, and now that the weather is cooperating I've (finally) got a painted furniture project to show y'all! Try to contain yourself.

Aren't these frothy dresses just dreamy? I love the studio lighting, too.

Love me some peonies. The End.

Can't help but love this combo: Mauve chiffon, grey satin, golden hardware, and a touch of white quartz. Could we turn this fashion ensemble into a room? SoOo pretty!

I may have listed this image before, but I can't help it, I'm in love and have to just shout it from the rooftops! Or at least from my couch where I'm typing on my laptop...

Can you believe this is Ozzy Osbourne's house? I'm thinking the wife-y had something to do with this decor choice.

And finally, the image that inspired it all. *sigh* Just stare at it for a moment. I'm secretly planning to buy something silky and lavender to hang up; maybe throw some rose petals about. Think the hubsters will mind?

Anyone else pining for some fresh spring hues? What's on your palette menu?