Back to Basics

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Sadly, I am still in bed with a flu. A big meanie of a flu that won't leave me alone even though I've asked nicely, complained, cried, even blown my nose in it's direction. Meanie flu.

All this time in bed has not only given me hip and neck pains, but also has got me thinking about my blog. Why am I blogging again? Is anyone out there reading? All 26 of you (thanks for joining No. 25 and 26 *smooches*). You are my favorite 26 people on earth. ;)

Aside from that, for anyone else out there who also blogs or reads blogs other than mine (you poor sheltered thing, you) you've probably heard that you should blog for yourself. Don't blog for stats or freebies or recognition or comments or popularity (although I must argue that I "blog for comments". I need feedback people! *ahem* Moving on.).

This brings me back to my thoughts on why I choose to blog. First, it is a great way to chat about and share things that I'm currently crushing over, and it's fun to look back and see what my interests were. But honestly, what's the point? This isn't a family blog where I keep a journal; I do that somewhere else.

What I really want to do with this blog is share my interests with like-minded people and offer advice on things that I know and have learned. What do I know?

Interior Design - Majored in it, got my degree, been rearranging furniture since I was twelve. My parents stopped being surprised when I'd lock myself in my room all day then find my room completely rearranged and the colors changed. I literally dream of furniture, color, and house plans every night.

Style/Clothes - I'm the girl who laid out every new piece of clothing for 5th grade back-to-school and made a day-by-day list of what each outfit would consist of for two whole weeks; the original 30 for 30 fashion challenge a la Kendi, only it was more like the 10 for 14. Man I could remix!

Photography - Toured nationally for over a year photographing dance competitions and have shot many weddings. I (apparently) have also become the designated family photographer. People have stopped bringing their cameras to family events because I always do. And if I don't, they are first shocked, then nervous - now who's gonna take pictures?

Skincare/Cosmetics - A lifetime of problematic skin has given me great sympathy for anyone who's had any skin care issues. Also, a bit of an addict when it comes to nail polish and palettes of pretty eyeshadow or lip gloss, I once completely freaked out my childhood best friend when I tried to contour her face with a highlighting blush on her forehead and nose. ;)

I also like to travel, cook/bake, make music lists, be a mom/wife, refinish furniture, make jewelry, thrift shop, historical fiction and DIY magazines, and organize (even if my house doesn't always show it). Will I post about these things? Probably. But I've decided to really focus on what makes me happy and not what I think people want to read about. By doing so, maybe things will ring truer and more 'ah-ha' moments will be had by you, my faithful readers. Not like I'm going to change any lives over here, but I want to share what I know so that maybe it will encourage you in your homes, in your life.

Maybe you'll move your bed to the other side of the room. Maybe you'll decide it's okay to mix stripes and floral. Maybe you'll go back to school and major in that thing your parents said you could never make a living at. Maybe you'll be entertained for a few minutes each week by my awkward blunders and supposed advice. In any case, who knows what a little new perspective might do for us all?

P.S. Can you believe this post began as a way to say I wanted to start doing more fashion entries?
P.P.S. Do any of you actually read this stuff, or are you all about the photos? Let's be honest.