Up, Up and Away!

"I can smell you!" -Doug

Where were we a few weeks ago in March, you ask? Visiting the Up House in Herriman, Utah!

My mom was visiting from CA and convinced us that we're basically insane for not taking Chloë to see the replica from Disney's award-winning animated film, "UP". I know, I'm a terrible mother.

Isn't it darling?! And, the inside is modeled after the film, too!

It was a little spur of the moment, otherwise I probably would've put Chloë's hair in braided pigtails and searched for some aviator goggles, but don't you think she's just the cutest? She got awesome "Jesse" cowgirl boots for her birthday (Toy Story), a super cool aviator jacket from her Nana and Papa, and she's even in some blue corduroy overalls!

I gotta say, even though it was cold and crazy windy, Chloë had a blast! When we told her where we were driving she practically did cartwheels in her car seat!

And what does one do after a cold, windy photo shoot the last day of winter? You go out for frozen yogurt, of course!

Yep, the fruity one is mine. Sluuuurp!

My mom is more the chocolate syrupy kind...or pineapple. Maybe chocolaty pineapple...

And the little Chlo-bug: She's the vanilla with strawberries, mini M&M's, and gummies kind. Put loads of sugary candies in a big cup of sugary fro-yo and you've got yourself a happy camper.


What I Learned: Get out there and visit someplace snazzy in your home town - it's really fun, and you'll look super cool taking pictures like a tourist. Also, apparently you can never have too many gummies...or napkins.

Q: Done anything in your neighborhood/city lately that you'd like to share? Know of any crazy cool things to do in SLC? What's your favorite ice cream/frozen yogurt combo?