I'm Feelin' Feverish

Anyone else out there have Spring fever? I don't normally long for warmer weather the way I am this year. It's just been so dang bleak this year: Cold, dark, and no snow. Just cold. Dang cold.

Stupid winter.

Okay, maybe I'm being harsh on Mr. Jack Frost, but while I'm shivering in my Snuggie and baking just for an excuse to turn on the oven, I'll be pining over these fresh Spring images of some sunny outdoor living and lively candy pastels...

Although definitely more froo-froo than my typical style, this little garden room is hitting home for me right now. I want to put on a pretty dress and go have some fresh squeezed lemonade and crumpets.

Darling spring time party tablescape. Love the cake pops blooming right out of grass. And see those heart-shaped marshmallows in the large glass jar? I always stock up on stuff like that around Valentine's Day (although, right now you're still in luck if you want egg or bunny shaped marshmallows!).

Ah, Spring Time. As a child, I remember getting a new frothy pastel dress every year for Easter. This candy-colored scalloped number has me completely smitten.

I just learned how to make the BEST cupcakes. Seriously. No, you can't have the recipe. Okay, okay. I guess I'll share it with you. I'm thinking I'll need to sugar some rose petals and pansies for my next batch - so pretty!

I grew up in Pasadena, CA where Jacaranda trees dust the earth with purple and pink flowered confetti every Spring. I'm not 100% sure what this tree is, but isn't it just lovely?

And let's not forget escaping to my backyard pool when the sun is beating down on those hot and humid afternoons...

...wait. I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I? Dang. We'll recap on that last one come July. *wink*