In My World, Snow Equals Cupcakes

Snow = Cupcakes.

At least that's how it is in my house. Well, at least that's how it should be! Every day. All day.
I say, let them eat cupcakes (crowd cheers)!

After a weirdly warm day of sun and 53F yesterday (ran errands without so much as a cardigan or single layer...except my t-shirt, silly) Mother Nature realized she was getting our hopes up a little early about Spring this year...
Huge snow storm.

Not that I mind. We've had an unseasonably warm winter her in SLC (aka. 35-45F instead of 15-25F) and NO SNOW! I think it's wrong for it to be below freezing at night and not wake up to a winter wonderland. No snow. No rain. Just stupid, stupid cold that's no fun at all.

Snow at least makes the cold worthwhile, don'tcha think?

Snow what happens (haha, get it? "snow" what happens? "so" what happens? haha...ha..........ha) when you're practically snowed in and bored? Why, make cupcakes, of course!

Okay, normally I'd be making hot cocoa, but tonight I was itching to try out a new "from scratch" recipe:
Double Chocolate Cake with Banana Creme Frosting

Sounds gross or weird? You're wrong! Sounds ama-za-zing? Absolutely!

Wanna know what I was doing earlier today while the snow storm rolled in? I was cleaning out my kitchen pantry. *gasp*

Gross, huh? Okay, not gross, but crying out for some purging and organization, for sure! After an entire afternoon of tossing and cleaning and rearranging, I am proud to say my tiny pantry is looking seriously sassy! A few more tweaks and I'll be taking photos tomorrow of the finished good lookin' pantry, you.