{ Weekly Photo Feature } - The Cinderella Project

This week's Photo Feature showcases curated gorgeousness from The Cinderella Project. If you're looking for some daily eye candy this is the place: High fashion, weddings, interior design, and just plain pretty!

Yes, please. Who doesn't need some sparkle amidst a sea of neutrals?

Possibly the most fabulous pink skirt...ever.

Makes me wish I was a ballerina...
...or could at least go out in a beautiful frothy tulle skirt and satin shoes every where I go.

Balcony + fluffy sheepskin (faux, please) + idyllic architecture + fuchsia flowers = my new happy place.

1. I wish my hair was that long again; 2. What girls wouldn't love the chance to model bridal gowns?

My familiar love of grey and white mixed with my new love of baby's breath by the mound. Tacky baby's breath? I think not!

I love that The Cinderella Project posts all original source links, so please check it out! :) Also, don't forget to leave a comment and vote for your favorite image or website for our next Weekly Photo Feature.