Brown Paper Packages...

...tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things!

One of the greatest memories that I have of the house I grew up in is of sitting by the crackling brick fireplace, watching "It's a Wonderful Life", wrapping Christmas gifts with my mom. I can honestly say she is a professional gift wrapper! Someday I aspire to wrap packages with such detail, finesse and beauty. I don't think she's ever used a "sticky bow" in her life!

Admittedly, I may love wrapping a gift as much as I love searching for it. I'm just not complete until I've spread out my wrapping goodies all over the living room floor, turned on a good movie or holiday music, and spent at least two to three hours cutting, wrapping, taping and tying until I have a little mound of beautifully wrapped packages.

Here's a few tips to make your holiday gifts look like they should be displayed at Macy's:

  • Just say "no" to sticky bows - tie with satin, raffia, hand dyed silk, organza, tulle, velvet ribbon, novelty garland, or lace

  • Choose a color palette or theme - pink and gold, aubergine and olive, champagne and french blue, snowflakes, rustic, candy stripes, etc.

  • Create handmade gift tags - use scrapbook paper, stamps, punches, glitter, watercolor paint, vintage paper, silk flowers, fancy edge craft scissors, old holiday cards

  • Get creative with wrapping paper - magazine pages, fabric, newspaper, maps, brown craft paper, last year's calendar art, wallpaper scraps

  • Get creative with your package toppers - pine cones, felt stars, buttons, magnolia leaves, small plastic ornaments, holly sprigs, feathers, candy canes, doilies, jingle bells, tassels

Inspired yet? I am! But don't worry if your idea of wrapping is getting a gift bag and stuffing it with a piece or two of tissue paper - it's the thought that counts most! Just don't forget to take the price tag off. ;)

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