Happy Turkey Leftovers Day!

Hi friends! Hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving full of family, tradition, and a three-foot mound of Black Friday ads.

I started navigating the Black Friday sea of deals and despair about six years ago. Every year that goes by I wonder why I'm still so enthralled by the idea of getting a great deal that I'm willing to stay up all night, be out in the cold from 10pm Thursday until around 8am Friday morning, and somehow be totally understanding about getting trampled by other ravenous shoppers. Seriously? Yeah, I did that last night, and I'm still here (and coherent) to tell the tale.

I only hit two stores this year. Some years, I've literally had a map and action plan to get to all the stores in order of importance and sale start. However, I've been weaning myself off the insanity and may not even venture to wake up until noon on Friday next year - maybe sleep all day and bypass the craziness all together...

...there's always Cyber Monday.

What are your thoughts on Black Friday? Total insanity? Totally worth it? Maybe even fun? What's the best deal you've ever found? Will you be sleeping in next year or stocking up on $3 toasters?