House Hunting

Nice exterior stone work

I'm a little infatuated with looking at houses lately. Hubsters and I have been wanting a humble abode to call our own for a while now, and with new jobs and life going in a good direction, we're hoping to turn this American Dream into a reality. On my wish list? Well, a little bigger and more ornate than we can afford right now in this area, but if I'm dreaming why not dream BIG, right?!

Exterior Photos traditional exterior
Great fire pit, right? Amazing windows, too. And, I love that the hill gives the house three stories!

exteriors traditional exterior
Dark paint, rich wood, bright white trim, tucked-away drive - so cozy.

Exterior traditional exterior
Thick white trim with stone work, circular drive, painted boards on exterior...

Exterior Photos traditional exterior
Here we are again - more stone, more white trim, fab windows, and a really cool door! I'm sensing a theme...

Oakton Curb-Appeal traditional exterior
On a slightly more traditional note - I like the dark shutters and stone work, plus the simple evergreen landscaping seem lovely without a ton of extra care needed. Hubby would like that!


Going more "beach", I love the porch and pale grey shingles. A balcony and bright hydrangeas don't hurt, either!

Exterior Photos traditional exterior
Okay, now we're starting to dream a little big here - three story, lakeside, tons of windows for light, and plenty of room for all my family to visit! Heck, they could have their own wing!

Summer Cottage traditional exterior
So pretty! Love the big, deep porch and dormers. Amazing that this is named someone's summer "cottage". Wow.

New Residential Homes traditional exterior
Going Euro - oh man, this is gorgeous! I'm not even going to name everything I love about this...I'm sure you love it just as much!

Exterior traditional exterior
Um, yeah. W-O-W. I can see Mr. Darcy walking out those front doors now...

And finally, my semi-realistic dream house (as pictured, 'cause the full size is, like, three times this size):


Thick white columns, greige shingles, soft turquoise door, porch, balcony...and you haven't even seen the inside (have you?). It's ideal, I tell you.


So what's on your wish list? Already have your dream house? Took a diamond in the rough and created your sparkling gem? Email me and share your pics - you may be featured!