Hot and Cold

I've been considering a new set of curtains for my living room. I currently have lovely printed grey and white curtains from Ikea (sadly, no longer available) that I've been thinking of moving to our master bedroom, leaving me with the opportunity to purchase new window treatments for the living room (oh darn!).

The fabulous curtains (above) from Ballard Designs are an inspiration for some DIY panels that I've been considering. Although I've been using grey and white as a base for my public living spaces, I have sandy colored carpets and tile that, as a renter, I cannot change. I've been thinking of warming up the space a little with window treatments that compliment the flooring. Check out this simple comparison from Thrifty and Chic:

BEFORE: Pretty color block window panels create a cool vibe.

AFTER: Tan burlap curtains give the room a warmer glow.

Pretty, right? It's definitely the look I'm going for. I might add a creamy stencil like our schmancy Ballard panels, or I might paint some fun wide stripes. What do you think?

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