{ Weekly Photo Feature } - ZGallerie

I. Am. Getting. These.

Plain and simple. I'm in love. I was just telling my mom how I'd decorate my entire home from ZGallerie if I could. Therefore, I'm doing something a little different for the Weekly Photo Feature: This week they're photos courtesy of ZGallerie items via my iPhone.

Right now, I'm totally enamoured with their deep aubergine and silver display. So glamorous! I took a few sneaky shots during an outing last weekend. I didn't ask if I could, probably should have. But I'll just say, I LOVE ZGALLERIE, and I fully endorse their items. There. Hopefully the ZGallerie police won't come and take me away. ;)

Loved, loved this mirrored dresser, especially when topped off with deep purple orchids.

This duvet was more charcoal than black in person, and so silky. I've been looking for a gorgeous medallion-esque duvet for the master bedroom (they're tougher to find than you'd think).

This light also struck me as totally gorgeous and mimic-able. Hmmm...

An overall shot of some of the silver and purple-y goodness.

I took this photo mostly for the actual table, but now I wish I had gotten a pic of the chairs. They were such a lovely grey, like a soft pussy willow.

LooOove this table! Rustic and glamorous. I really want to find some salvaged wood and dry brush on some metallic pewter paint to get a similar effect.

OooOoh, shiny!

And if you're not into plum and pewter, they are also featuring a lovely grass green, rich orange, and bright turquoise palette. Cool urns, yeah?

Are you going to go spray paint some branches white now? Thought so. ;)