Isn't this chair/floral urn/coral pink drapery/mirrored table just to die for? *sigh*

OooOoh, I'm feelin' the pink lately...again. I've actually been thinking of adding a few minor pink touches to my...wait for it...living room. *gasp* If you know me well enough this is a big dealio. I even got the go-ahead from the hubsters. Amazing, I know. While I decide how to accomplish this without going too froo-froo, here's a few of my favorite P!NK inspiration files.

First up, a neutral living room with just a touch of pink. Small doses for those who want to test a color without a major commitment.

A little candlestick lovin'! Cheery fuchsia accents make a fun statement.

Love that pink couch and multi-shaded shelves. I would love to see a little more sand, taupe, or gold to warm things up a bit. You know, like a big ol' antiqued gold sunburst mirror over the couch. Yeah, I'm original like that.

Mmmm...can I have lounge area just like this? The different shades of pink and the fantastic textures are delicious!

Afraid to go all out pink? Add some navy blue and gold for a sophisticated take on the feminine hue. Other sleek combos, try pink with: chocolate brown; mustard yellow; charcoal and gold; or crimson.

Want a little less shabby and a little more chic? Try a totally rich, saturated color palette with clean lines and some funky accessories. BAM! Instant chic-ness...chic-osity...chic-stravaganza!

Check this idea: Cut some inexpensive boards and add a few sheets of amazing wallpaper to create a custom art display. It's an especially great solution for those who rent (who can't paint or paper walls) and a great way to showcase your fav (read: expensive designer) wallpaper without breaking the bank covering an entire wall.

In. Love. Completely. This chair is actually dyed hair, but I would totally go for a super lux suede fabric instead. I'll also take six of these babies for the future dining room that I will have some......day. Can't you picture it with a modern, glossy white table and an acrylic chandelier? ::drool::

And finally, my daughter's contribution to this post: Bumbo. No spoon-fed child should be without one. They make great seats as toddlers, too. Like those Chinese finger puzzles that trap you for hours. Ah yes, years of enjoyment and use, I tell you.
Hope you enjoyed your daily dose of Pepto, but in a super chic and totally glamorous way! Got any favorite pink inspiration files you'd like to share? Maybe you've recently refinished a hot pink boudoir? I'd love to see it!