{ Crazy for Hue } - No. 4

I found this image on Pinterest via Laduree.fr and immediately fell in love. I had my first official macarons earlier this year at a sweet shop in downtown Salt Lake City. I was amazed at their price, but found that it was totally worth it. Flaky, chewy, softly sweet, and you can't beat flavors like lavender, citron vert, rose, and chocolate passion fruit, among others.

Besides, they are so dang pretty!

This was the original version I made. It's an overall color palette, but I really had a tough time deciding which hues to use together - this image just has so many beautiful colors!

This one may be my favorite. It incorporates the hues found in the lower right hand portion of the photo. So soft and creamy...

Finally, a cooler palette using the shades from the left side of the photo.
So which one floats your macaron boat?