The One That Got Away


It happened again. Although I would trade every...single...other...item I've lost out on in order to gain this one gorgeous armoire. Can't you see it painted a gorgeous pale aqua green?


I'm so bummed. I called minutes too late and the owner had just promised it to her sister (grrr...).

So what did I do? I hung up the phone and cried a little inside.

Then what did I do?

I called the gal back and offered more than twice her asking price. I was desperate. She gasped and "wowed" and said she'd call me back.

Yeah, well, her sister still wanted it. Boo. I understand, however, and I appreciate that the owner honored the first agreement, but still...

I kinda hoped her sister didn't really want it. She couldn't possibly want it as much as I do. She couldn't possibly have been looking for something exactly like this for over six months.

Stupid sister.
Stupid integrity.
Stupid armoire.

Oh why do I want you so?!

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