{ Weekly Photo Feature } - Pottery Barn

Okay, maybe this one is a bit obvious, but c'mon, who doesn't love a good Pottery Barn drool fest every now and again? I've been loving their Design Studio section. They offer full design services for your abode, but even if your "design services" regularly include your children's toys artfully displayed about your formal living room, and a few choice non-washable marker frescoes on your dining room wainscoting, this is still a great section to pick up on some trendy and timeless decor ideas. Check out the Decorating Advice and Entertaining Ideas sections for free design advice and amazing craft ideas (chippy headboard shelf anyone?).

I recently thrifted some fantastically large candle stocks like these. I'm totally going to be painting these babies for an amazing antique European look.

Isn't this a wonderful image? All of the ideas shown here can be adapted to your own backyard space for a memorable summertime activity with family and friends.

Yummm - can't you imagine fresh peppers and limes in your summer salsa? I'm telling you, presentation is almost everything.

Le sigh. Vintage French nautical poster. Bleached coral. Weather-worn urns. Aqua beach glass. Antique hardbound books. A recipe for delicious eye candy!

OoOoh! Greige shingles, fluffy ferns, and vintage wood and iron hat rack - a perfect country cottage.

Don't you just love the rich teal and coral red mixed with shells and rustic table settings? Notice the sweet little butterfly on the dipping dish? Awww.

Not like you don't already drool daily over all of the amazing ideas and lust after a certain dresser and silverware set (*ahem*), but if you haven't been to Pottery Barn lately, you should. Like, right now. Go. I'll be here when you get back, prepared with a napkin (or sponge) to soak up all that saliva you'll have going on...

{photos courtesy of Pottery Barn}