{ Crazy for Hue } - No. 1

So I've decided to start a fun little project for Bella Storia. I've always loved, Loved, LOVED...maybe obsessed is a more appropriate word...color. It's my favorite thing ever. Certainly there are some colors that I gravitate toward - in decor, clothing, jewelry, cars, lipstick - but I've never really been able to pick a "favorite". It got worse when I studied interior design in college. Now I just tell people my favorite color combinations of the moment. But don't quote me, cause it'll probably be different next week, or tomorrow...maybe ask me after lunch.

Since I'm forever toying with different shades and highlights, hues and saturation, I figured, why not make a game of it and share my fun combos with all y'all! I'll be choosing a photo each week to pull a fantabulous color scheme from each week. Enjoy!

I really liked the fashionably vintage feel of this image (if you know the source, please tell me so I can give credit). I'm always a sucker for a little seafoam and peachy pink. Plus, I loved adding that little bit of grape-y purple to liven things up a bit. Can't you see this for a shower or little girls room?

Let me know what you think. You likey this idea?

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