{ Fabulously Frugal Finds } - Glass Thrifties

A few thrifting goodies found today...eeep! Nothing super duper schmancy, but it was a good time, I got some great deals, and a few of these pretties will end up in my new Etsy shop (coming soon!).

Nummy amber colored glass goblet - perfect for holding jewelry, icecream, mini soaps, candies - you name it!

Who doesn't love a good milk glass urn? I'd love to see a delicate orchid placed inside, sitting in my kitchen.

The photo (taken at night with only my energy saving lightbulbs overhead to light the way) absolutely does not do this pretty bowl justice! It is a lovely deep ballet pink, and would be so sweet in a little girl's room, filled with dainty hair bows.

These Ball jars aren't all that difficult to find, especially out here in canning/food storage central (ie. Utah), but to find Ball jars with lids? Wahoo! I'm seriously thinking of turning these (I got four) into a light fixture. Oooooh yes I am!

Simple box. Simple makeover. Sand + replace velvet + paint = perfect treasure box for my daughter! That post coming soon... :)

Again, not the best photo, but this is a beautiful, um...butter dish? I'm actually not sure what it is, but I brought it home with me to use as, you guessed it, a butter dish. Ha!

There you have it! I'll be sharing my revamped Etsy shop fabulousness with you very soon. TFL!