The White Trend

Until I started my blog a few months ago and began perusing other fabulous lifestyle, thrifty, and design blogs, I never realized there was this entire world fondly referred to as "blogland". There is an enormous database of creativity from professionals and do-it-yourself moms out there itching to share their latest conquest, find or makeover.

With such a fabulous network of bloggers sharing their ideas, you're bound to find copy cats (the most sincere form of flattery, no?) and themes circulating around and around until they become a trend. Those trends inevitably hit magazines and daytime TV, and suddenly Oprah or Ellen is awarding squealing audience members coffee filter wreaths and chalkboard painted platters! 

What have I noticed these past three or four months? You may have already guessed it: White. White is everywhere, and everyone wants more of it. Gone are the rich, deep tones of Tuscany. No more deep cherry woods, antiqued black tin stars hanging in the kitchen, or red and mustard striped curtains. It's all about being bright, light and airy.

Now, I should admit that I've been falling into this trend, but not just since November. I've always liked breezy, coastal cottage themes with a little vintage glamour thrown in. In fact, a few years ago I found this gorgeous little blog called "Walnut & Ivory". This sweet gal in Australia had a blog that revolved mostly around her home, repainting and repurposing, and making each space work for her and her hubby (ex. dining area became her office space). She always decorated in shades of white (cream, ivory, sand, etc.), greys, and a few rich walnut brown choices (ex. her gorgeous deep brown hardwood floors!). I loved her feminine yet laid back approach to decorating, and always got a kick out of when she'd repaint a room...again.

I'll miss Walnut & Ivory (RIP) and wait hopefully for the day when her life slows down and she has time once again to share her fun decorating tips and trips with us all!

Meantime, I will enjoy all the other eye candy floating around in blogland, and in Coastal Living, and Better Homes and Gardens, and Pottery Barn, and........