{ Weekly Photo Feature } - Pizzazzerie

Notice something different? That's right! It's time for another Weekly Photo Feature! This week I'm featuring Pizzazzerie.com. Never been there? Check it out! If you need some ideas for a fantastically scruptious fete, this is your place! Menu ideas, place settings, decor, stationary, do-it-yourself crafts, and pages and pages of delicious eye candy!

All I can really say is, Yum! The layers of citrus colored Jell-o, rainbow striped sugar cookies, rainbow pancakes...and sprinkles. Lots of spinkles!

Who doesn't love a frilly rainbow hued table skirt?

Want a little twist on the St. Patrick's Day shamrock green garb? With such juicy rainbow hues, who needs a pot of gold?
So who's next? Tell me about your fabulous photos, project, or even recommend another site to me. Let's all share in the eye candy goodness!

{photos courtesy of Pizzazzerie}