Winter Remix - No. 7

Another day of wardrobe remixing. A few old standbys you've seen, plus a fun little organizational display for mah snazzy costume jewelry! You'll notice in the upper left corner of my photos...

I, like many gals who favor the sparkly things in life, have a fair abundance of fun jewelry - mainly necklaces - listed among my accessories. Now, I have a very lovely deep wood jewelry box that my sweet hubsters gave me for Christmas a few years back that houses my fine jewelry and extra special pieces, but what to do with all those funky chunky strands that clog up the delicate confines of my boudoir?

A tie rack, of course!

No kidding. I had been searching for a good way to easily access and store my funky fun jewelry and behold! I spotted this great little number at...Wal-mart? Yes, pretty darn sure it was in the hanger/ironing board/storage bin area. I don't recall how much it was, but you can be sure that I didn't buy it unless it was less than about $5. Cool, huh?

{t-shirt} Forever 21 - $4.80
{cardigan} boutique - $5.99
{skirt} Eddie Bauer thrifted - $6
P.S. I'm wearing my scrunchy brown Maurices boots...again :)

So what are your thoughts on the tie holder turned necklace display? Is there anything around your home that you've rigged to be useful in some way other that what it was intended? Do tell!

P.S. Sorry for the sub-par photos today. Once again I am left without my photographer, so rather than ditching the post or trying to make it up later, I am posting these, um...err...loverly images.

P.P.S. Wanna know what I did immediately after cropping my photos? I washed my mirror. Yuck!