Winter Remix - No. 6

Here's a little 'round the town outfit from yesterday. I like ensembles like this: cute and fashionable but totally getting away with the jeans and t-shirt comfort that I love! I probably won't win any edgy fashion awards with this look, but I think it's okay for running errands and taking my daughter to McDonald's, don't you? ;)

{tee} DownEast - $15.99
{jeans} Maurices Premium
{sweater} thrifted - $6
{boots} Maurices clearance - $12
{belt} Maurices clearance - $6

By the way...this was the craziest windy day ever! And, lucky us, it ushered in a nice snow storm later that night. Brrr!

How about you? Are you really a t-shirt and jeans girl at heart, or are you a super fashiony fashionista?