Totally Bummed Out

I love Craigslist and and other online "garage sales" as much as the next do-it-yourself-er. I love scrolling through pages of funky furniture and quirky housewares hoping to find that one gem - that perfect piece that has been waiting to come home with you. I've found some pretty great things for my home and also to makeover and resell, and most recently I just about jumped for joy when I found these cabinets:

They're lovely on their own, but I had in mind to paint, wallpaper and completely beautify these babies. I was in love, and literally lost sleep for a week staying awake at night thinking about how and what I'd do to make them the perfect addition to my living room. I'd been looking for cabinets like these for months, and the price tag was more than I could have hoped for! After viewing the ad, I immediately called the number, spoke with the seller, and made arrangements to make the trade. They were getting ready to leave on a cruise the next morning, so I agreed to wait a week to make the drive to pick them up.

A week later I was beyond excited to pick up these fabulous cabinets. I waited to hear from the seller, as they were going to call me when they got home. Two days later I decided to call and see how things were going. Voicemail. Message. Waiting. Then, finally I received a text message: Sorry, but my sister says she wants these cabinets...


There's more texting and such, but that's not important. What's important is...I didn't get my beautiful cabinets! *cries*

Seriously. I was/am so bummed out! Okay, I'm ready for you all to give me a cyber hug. Ready...go!

Okay, that's better.

But seriously folks, any of you ever had that problem? No money had been exchanged yet, but for me, if I give my word on something then I hold to it. We had a verbal agreement and I almost felt betrayed. It's the seller's prerogative, of course, to do what they want until everything is exchanged, but still...*sigh*

Any other sob stories out there? Maybe you were on the selling end? Maybe you found the (fill in the blank) of your dreams and lost it to someone who offered more money? Do tell. Let's commiserate together. Then, let's go out and find something even better!

For example, I found these babies this week:

Aren't they fun? I'll show you my own Before and After pics really soon, but these babies are going to take a lot of work. You can't tell from the photo, but they have wood damage, including a broken harp on one chair, poorly cut plywood on the seats from a reupholstering job probably done in the 80's, and a poor restaining job done around the same time, I'm sure.

Unlike my other gorgeous armed harp back chair, I will probably be painting these puppies in stead of staining. I'll have to recut the wood seats and reupholster the seats, repair a few legs and add new foot pads (they're currently metal!), repair the broken harp, and buy stock in wood filler and glue, cause honey, I'm going to be filling and gluing up a storm!