{Printable} Valentine Candy Labels

{Valentine Candy Bag Printable - Oh yeah, you know you want it!}

So while I'm basking in the new mommy stage of it all: The all-nighters, the perfume a la Spit-up, the rash cream, the new mommy brain, the all-nighters (did I mention that already?)...I've been a little slacking on the ol' blog.

But don't worry.

I've actually been busy planning some great projects to share, especially in the name of my New Year's Mantra: Kiss clutter good-bye.  Kiss clutter good-bye.

Say it with me, "Kiss clutter good-bye."

This is the year of organization and K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Silly).

Meantime, I encourage you (please, oh pleeeease?) to follow me (insert puppy dog eyes) on Instagram for daily project updates and fun shopping finds.  Plus, it will give you a peek into my totally glamorous life as a mom to a newborn, PJ bottoms, burp cloths, chubby cheeks, and all!

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(you know you want to)

And in honor of everyone's favorite holiday celebrating pink and red candy corns (what?) here's a fantastic printable from Makdoodle.  I totally *heart* these!

1. Grab 3x4" craft baggies 
2. Download printable
3. Print
4. Cut, Fold, Staple

Oh yeah.  You might consider putting a fun treat inside the baggies before Step 4.  Just sayin'.

Happy Candy Corn Day!