Archetype Me, Baby!

Coolest quiz I've taken besides Meyers-Briggs Personality Type testing (I'm an ISFP, in case you're wondering):!

You know there are tons of quizzes out there.  From determining what ice cream flavor you're most like, to finding your celebrity twin, there's an abundance of online quizzes to avoid housework for at least a decade (ha!).

My favorite quizzes include finding your decorating style (surprise, surprise) and personality profiling. provides a simple, entertaining quiz that will define "who you are and how you engage with the world around you."


Yup, that's me!  Apparently, I'm a Creative Caregiver with Vision.  Sounds about right.  Coolest part?  After I received my free quiz results, I created an account (logged in using Facebook) that provides a customized daily website just for me!  The content is personalized based on my quiz results and offers fun images, articles, and media that I might find interesting.  Cool beans!
P.S.  After just a little bit of eyelash batting, I convinced my hubby to take the quiz.  It seems I married an Intellectual Visionary.  What do your quiz results say about you?

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