Pearls and Bare Feet and a Quiz

Brought to you by Home Goods, this quiz was super fast (instant grati, anyone?) and remarkably accurate (are you one of those people who retakes the quiz, like, five times before they're satisfied they were put in the right catagory?  Me, too.).

Coolest thing about this quiz?  Not only does it give you a brief summary of your decor personality, it offers gift ideas, where to start in your decor for the look, a Pinterest board featuring the styling of your catagory, and even a blog to follow that often features your look!  Wow!

What am I?

Farmhouse Glam
with a touch of BoHo

"BoHo Farmhouse Glam"

Sounds fun, right?

Or like total opposites.  Which about explains my constant design dilemmas!

Here's what it had to say about my personal style:

Farmhouse Glam // Delicate, exquisite balance between beautiful femininity and rustic nonchalance.  She's all about the discovery of unexpected sparkle amidst the less polished.  She wears a string of pearls and bare feet.  And her home feels as special as it does comfortable.

 BoHo // Adventurous and passionate, loving color and new and unusual uses for things.  She's into Revamp, Reuse, Recycle, and she can't get enough of foraging for a good deal while mixing and matching silk-and-knit textures.

'Bout sums it up for me, really.

And just 'cause I know you're curious, here's a few images that were included in my "BoHo Farmhouse Glam":

So visit Home Goods StyleScope for some inspiration and at least five minutes of pure entertainment.  Then promise you'll come back and comment your results and if it was on the money, or thought it was a hot mess.