Spring Hors D'oeuvres Stand

Pretty, ain't it?

I'm sure you've seen all those great dollar store cake stand and such using some plates and glass or wooden candlesticks...well, lucky you, here's another!

I've already made my share of Pottery Barn-esque apothacary jars and single-layer cake stands on the cheap, but I wanted to do something a little different. Then, like a Heavenly light shining down from above in the dinnerware aisle of Target, I spotted a bunch of really great melamine plates. Cue the choir of angels.

The best part? I could mix and match with three different sizes to create a 3-tiered tea stand. W00t!

Fab Target plates - isn't this a fun mix?

A pair of Dollar Tree candlesticks.

A little waterproof Loctite Stick n' Seal glue found at Home Depot.

24 hours of drying time (tic tok tic tok...) and voila!

You can't tell me this isn't adorable!

Wanna make one? It'll cost you about $10 for the plates and candlesticks (I already had the glue)...the patience to wait 24 hours before turning it over and using it? Priceless, of course!

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