Brass...the Other White Meat

Brass. Sometimes it's pretty, sometimes...not. This pretty little lamp was found at a local thrift store (Deseret Industries) for $5. I really liked the shape, and the brass and wiring was in excellent condition, but...'s brass.

Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for brass, it's just not in my living room on my new console. This baby was calling out to be painted a lovely sea foam green!

First up, set up a simple painting station and tape off the important stuff...

A little masking tape around the cord and the switch should do the trick.

Depending on the result I'm after, I don't always prime before painting, but this project definitely called for primer.

I keep hearing about using Kilz primer, but I'm trying to get through my supply of Rust-oleum before I go buying more paint. So far, no complaints on this stuff. Just make sure to shake shake shake!

Oh yeah. Don't forget to cover the bulb socket. I realized this half way through my first primer coat. Oops!

Here she is after a couple light coats of white primer. Disregard the piles of garbage sacks destined to the local donation center. Is anyone else still spring cleaning?

I could spray with abandon and get in all the nooks and crannies knowing that I had carefully covered any important electrical areas.

Here she is after a few coats of gorgeous Krylon spray paint in Catalina Mist. I was just about done with this beauty when...


Drippage. A squishy, drippy, painted mess on the side of my pristine lamp!

Well, every project has a bump in the road, right? This is a photo of what it looked like after a little bit of super fine sandpaper lovin'. A couple extra coats in the area and...

...coming soon, the final result!

Plus! The fabulous new lamp shade I recovered to complete the transformation!