Winter Remix - No.4

Again, let me apologize for the unfashionable post from yesterday - ugh. Seriously, if I weren't more ethical I'd just delete that post altogether. Oh well. Some days we just aren't as cute as we'd like, right? Tell me I'm not alone in this...

But I digress. Here's today's ensemble:

{blouse} Forever 21
{jeans} Forever 21 - $9.80
{boots} Maurices clearance - $12
{belt} Forever 21 - $4.80

I usually wear this as a buttoned up blouse, but today I thought it might be fun to leave it open and use a belt. I really like the flouncy sleeves and the ombre-look (darker at the bottom, going light toward the shoulders).
But yeah, a little cuter than yesterday, no? I figured I had better dress up a little better to make up for yesterday,'s my birthday! Thank you, thank you. Please, no applause. ;)