In Search of the Perfect Lemonade Stand

There's not much that I love more than an icy cold glass of lemonade...any time of year!  Add pink and yellow streamers and some pinwheels and I get all googly-eyed!

This will be our second summer at Oxford Park, and this year Chloe has requested that we make a lemonade stand.  Since we're behind a huge green park that often sports kid's soccer games during the spring and summer, Chloe figured it would be a great opportunity to set up a lemonade stand during the games!  And who am I to resist a budding entrepreneur?

SO cute!  Am I right?!


...friggin' adorable!

I can't wait to get started!

Now, another thing Chloe has recently asked for is a play kitchen.  This totally surprised me!  You've probably seen tons of variations of the old entertainment center turned play kitchen...

...and I totally considered trying my hand at a little DIY kitchenette a couple years ago...

...but Chloe didn't show much interest, and so I thought the time had passed...

...silly me!

So, knowing that she wanted a play kitchen AND a lemonade stand, I thought, "Why not make the kitchen do double duty?"  It could be a kitchen on the main side, and on the other, we could create a really cute walk-up lemonade stand!

Then, of course, I found this image on Pinterest of a similar idea incorporating a vintage style diner...

Fun, right?!  I'm so excited about this project!  Definitely more excited than a 35 week pregnant gal ought to be.  ;)

So now the search is on!  Here's my top contender at the moment (found via KSL- local classifieds).  It's a great price, but over an hour away, so...still debating.

Now, I realize that this hunk of furniture isn't exactly portable, so taking it out once a week for soccer games might not be very fun for mom and dad.  ;)  The full plan will likely include a more mobile pop-up stand in addition to the more permanent kitchenette/lemonade stand we have planned for play time.

After we have rehabilitated an old entertainment center by removing/adding shelves, swapping out hardware, painting, etc., we'll be prepping some details like these...

Whew!  I'd better get started!


I'd love to read your comments if you've made a play kitchen for your kiddos (or yourself, I won't judge), or if you've got any great ideas or links for fun and unique play food, I'd love to see!