Baby Prep in Full Swing

Baby prep is in full swing 'round these parts as the hubby and I are gearing up for our sweet baby girl due to arrive July 7th (that's less than three weeks away, people!).  We're so excited to welcome Baby No. 3 into our family, but I won't lie, it may be the most stressful anticipation yet!

A third child creates a host of new challenges.

(Hello?  I only have TWO hands!)

We've found ourselves needing a new car that would safely hold three car seats (our zippy little sedans just won't cut it anymore).  We need a double stroller this time around since child No. 2 and new baby No. 3 are closer in age.  We are trying to figure out bedroom/nursery situations since we have a six year old girl, a two year old boy, and will have a newborn...but only two bedrooms.  Which also means we want to finish our currently "unfinished" basement so we'll have extra rooms and space for the kiddos.  Then there's trying to find the boxes that have all of the adorable newborn stuff that we had for our first girl...

...pretty sure it got sucked up by the Moving Monster.

I think he and the Sock Monster are related.

All of these things, plus a hundred other "nesting" items that I want dearly to cross off my list.  How I wish I had ten times more energy and we feeling about ten months less pregnant right now!  Ha!

My dear hubby did make time to finish building bookcases for our great room, and I'm so happy with how they turned out!  I'll be sharing photos later this week for a quick update, but there are still roughly two dozen posts I've been working on that are half finished.  Ugh.  I need an assistant!  I'm hoping that when Chloe goes back to school in the fall, and I've had sufficient time to recover from pregnancy/delivery, I'll be back to regular posts.  I'm excited to show you all the fun stuff we've been working on around the house (Chloe's updated "Frozen" room, loft and great room built-ins, loft decorating, Ryker's nautical nursery, a few painted furniture projects, just off the top of my head!).

For now, a great big, wet, slobbery THANK YOU for checking in and reading!