Meow It Like You Mean It

Happy New Year from our newest family member!  No, I wasn't pregnant, but we did bring home a bouncing baby boy!  Meet our new fur-baby!

Freaking adorable, right?  He had me at "Meow" "Hello".

He purrs if you just look at him, loves to snuggle, and gives kitty kisses!  Seriously, sweetest cat ever.

Adopted from The Humane Society via Pet Smart, it was a great experience!

We had originally wanted to adopt a gorgeous, friendly cat named Skye, but even after getting the OK from the hubsters, I somehow felt like I was trying to convince myself that he was the cat for us.  I hesitated, visited Skye a few more times at the store, and just felt confused about the whole thing.

My mom visited us from California for Christmas and was curious to meet the pretty kitty we were considering adopting.  We grabbed the kiddos, and took off to see if he was still there waiting for us.  Walking into the store we were greeted by crates and corrals of kitties and puppies for adoption by the Human Society.  I was immediately drawn to a little orange tabby with a kink in his tail and a sweet purr in his throat.

We visited the kitty windows at the back of the store to see if our old friend, Skye, was still there (that is, of course, why we went in the first place) and found he had been adopted.  I instantly felt relief.  I really, really liked that cat, but I knew he wasn't for us, despite ChloĆ« making up stories about him being "Prince Skye" and marrying our kitty, Pandora.

Though a lovely couple they would have made, Prince Skye and Pandora's eternal happiness and wedded bliss were not meant to be.  With heavy hearts and a tear in our eyes, we went back to play with "Tigre" (Dramatic, much?  Honestly, I was bouncing up and down to go visit "my" orange tabby).

Well, that was it.  A call to the hubsters, a little paperwork and cash, and the rest is history. (Okay, not exactly.  It was 2:00pm and we had to wait until after 4pm for Brady to leave work early and meet "Tigre" before he officially was all-in for adopting the cutie.)  

Now, what this little guy needs is a really great, super awesome name!  Any ideas?

NEXT UP:  A new dog! *wink*