Day 8 | A Plethora on My Plate

Ever feel like you've bit off more than you can chew and a pile of super important life stuffs land on your lap all at once and your perfectionist nature doesn't allow you to complete ANYTHING because if it's not done just right it's not good enough to even call done (even though it probably is)?


Yay emergency dentist appointment.  <cry>

Participating in the 31 Day Challenge from The Nester was going to be...well, a challenge.  I knew this.  I knew it would be tough, not because I didn't think I had enough to write about, but because I just don't know where to find the time to write 31 consecutive posts that were up to my standards.

I'm a closet perfectionist.

If I can't do something up to my standards then I just don't do it.  Pretty dumb, really.  That means if I don't have time to do an entire load of dishes right that minute, I let them pile up.  If I don't have all the pieces of a craft project I need to finish (but could start), I just won't do it.  If I'm running late somewhere I might just not go at all.  So sad.  If I don't have the perfect pictures to post about a blog project I'll wait weeks, even months, to write about it...rather than showing the process which, really, is a HUGE part of blogging anyway!

If I don't have time to write an epic post about refashioning or thrift shopping, I wait five days hoping to find the time.

Meanwhile, I'm missing the point of the Challenge.

So, if anything, I've already come to an important realization about myself through this series.  And I'm grateful.

The point of this Challenge wasn't really to have amazing 1000 word posts full of pictures and a new project every. single. day.  Nope.

I started this series to incorporate fashion and thrifting back into my blog (which I love) and to challenge myself to do a little each day.  I started off staying up until 2AM the first few days just to finish the posts.  I thought once the Dressing for Your Body mini-series was over it would get easier, but writing a blog is hard work.  All the photo-taking, brainstorming, writing, editing, uploading,'s easy to see how many blogs die after awhile, and how others have to become a full-time job to be "successful".

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So here I am.

I am going to complete this 31 Day Challenge.

No, really.

And I'm going to post every day, even if it's not EPIC.  Because that's not the point.


Q:  Are you participating in 31 Day Writing Challenge?  What's your topic?  How are you managing your posts?  Does anyone else out there hate washing dishes?