Day 3 | Dressing for Your Body II

Welcome back to Day 3 of The Nester's sponsored 31 Day Challenge!  Today we're talking about how to dress for your body type in regards to necklines and accessories (love me some accessories!).

Click here if you missed Part I where we chatted about the different body types and how to create proportion.


NECKLINES:  Boat neck, keyhole, scooped, v-neck, turtleneck, jewel, crew, cowl...whew!  There are definitely a ton of necklines out there, but not all will look good on you.  Here's a concise breakdown:

  • APPLE - Avoid high or straight-cut necklines (ex. boat neck) which will only accentuate the width of your upper body.  Scoops and v-necks are your friend as they show off your ample bosom and create visual length.  Also keep an eye out for loose, flowing tops that will skim over your midsection.
  • RECTANGLE - You can wear many necklines and look great, but to add some softness to your shape try tops with small pleats, fluted edges, or ruffles to create curves.  Keyhole, boat neck, and cowl necklines will totally flatter you, just make sure the top isn't too tight.
  • PEAR - Slim fitting tops will look great on you, but unless you're wearing a full skirt avoid wearing tank tops or tiny cap sleeves with slim pants or leggings; this will accentuate your narrow shoulders and draw attention to your fuller lower half.  Jewel, sweetheart, and square necklines will look great on you.  Also look for tops with small pleats and details (like beading) near the neckline to add fullness to your bust and draw attention to your slim upper body.
  • HOURGLASS - Try scooped, v-neck, or collared tops that will showcase your full bust and create length for your neck and torso.  Avoid high necklines (ex. crew, turtlenecks, etc.) that will make you look stout and top heavy.  Slim fitting blouses that skim your curves will flatter you the most.  Avoid boxy cuts that do nothing for your shape.


Quiz: Can you find the tops that would flatter your figure most?

ACCESSORIES:  Let's talk jewelry, shoes, and bags.

  • JEWELRY - Costume jewelry is an excellent way to add some flair to a basic outfit and make it date or office-worthy.  APPLE and HOURGLASS figures should be careful and avoid chunky necklaces that may negatively accentuate your larger bust.  PEAR and RECTANGLE shapes, however, will benefit greatly from adding some dramatic jewelry up top to draw attention to their slimmer upper bodies.  Chunky bracelets are also totally fun for all, but narrow RECTANGLES should avoid these and go for something more dainty around the wrist.

  • SHOES - Every girl looks great in heels, but it's not always practical.  Just remember, when dressing to impress, a few simple rules will help you look your best!  RECTANGLES can wear flats and heels with high ankle straps and look great, while these may be difficult to wear for other shapes.  PEARS benefit from slouchy and/or tall boots (to balance lower half) and heeled shoes (to lengthen legs).  HOURGLASS figures do great with slimmer shoes (no super chunky heels) with a bit of lift, and peep toes look totally sexy!  APPLES should have fun with their shoes in bright colors and trendy styles to draw attention to their toned legs.


  • BAGS - While we often choose function over form in this area (hello Mom-bags that double as a pharmacy, diaper bag, and goodie bin), there are still a few tips when choosing a stylish bag for your body type.  Purses, bags, and totes are worn on the shoulder or held in your hand.  This immediately brings attention to that area of your body.  HOURGLASS and PEAR shapes will look great and especially balanced when carrying larger bags, and can go for more structured shapes.  APPLES look best when paired with smaller handbags or cross body purses.  RECTANGLES should choose slouchy bags with some softness like fringe or ruffles to add softness to their angular frame.


With so much to share on this topic I've decided to add a third post to my Dressing for Your Body sub-series.  Check out Part I and III here, or click on the icon below.


Thank you to those to contributed to this post by creating fashion charts.  Please check out the "via" links to visit their sites.