Day 1 | Thrifting & Refashion: What I've Learned

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Two things about me:

1. I loooove shopping (like, a LOT)
2. I loooove getting a good deal (like, a REALLY good deal)

Combine the two, toss in some creative refashioning, and I'm a seriously happy camper!

This is me a few days ago about to do some major damage on my first shopping excursion (even without kids!) in at least a year and a half - whaaaaa?

Insert pregnancy, delivery, saving for a new house, and post-baby fat as the reasoning behind no clothes shopping for this chica in a loooong time.

The good news about waiting so long to grab some new closet staples is that I got to really hone in on what is lacking in my wardrobe, and what I'd really like my personal style to say about me.

What I've Learned:

  • I like classy, sophisticated pieces with a touch of quirkiness.  Just like I swore to myself that I would love and read Teen Magazine for the rest of my life (because, ya know, those articles about how to approach that guy in gym class are going to be applicable to the rest of my life), you might think that you're going to love that oxblood suede vest for the rest of your days, but Hello! you won't.  Trends come and go, your style "taste" changes, and (sorry girls) you age.  *ouch*  But with age comes a bit of maturity, a touch of class, and hopefully a whole lot more understanding of what looks good on your body, curvy or slim, and what makes you feel really great.

  • Tailored pants and blouses are my friend.  Every woman (and man) needs a good tailor, even if that tailor is you!  I'm no sewing expert, but enough pillow cases later and I can manage to sew a fairly straight seam.  Check out online tutorials, ask a talented friend, take a community sewing class, or just grab an old skirt destined for the yard sale pile and seam-rip that sucker apart!  Study how something is made, what pieces overlap others, dissect a blouse or two and you'll soon find out it's not so hard to make the waist on a skirt fit where it should, or take in that blouse with the pretty print that makes you look like a Bahama Mama!  Learn some basic, really basic, sewing techniques and you can learn to love your body and wardrobe!

  • Understanding your proper color palette will make you look good and make shopping easier!  If you're familiar with the color test for your skin tone, I am a Spring.  Lucky me, it's the hardest to find colors that look good on me because they shouldn't be too dark, or too muted.  I've learned what is acceptable, what looks really great, and what to totally avoid (hello, mustard yellow).  If there's a trendy color I just HAVE to have, I choose it in a pant or skirt (rather than a top that's close to my face) or I try the trend with an accessory instead.  Note: My palette changes when I dye my hair red, or if I go a dark chocolate brown.  Keep this in mind, too, if you're planning to become a blond next summer.  ;)


  • Spending more money on a quality piece you'll use all the time is fine!  I love fancy girly shoes but feel most "me" when in boots. I shouldn't feel guilty spending more money on a good pair of boots that I'll wear all the time.  In fact, getting better quality shoes will save my feet and posture in the long run anyway!  I should, however, probably spend less money on heels and special occasion shoes that get little use, even if they are on clearance.  ;)

Stay tuned!  I'll be sharing loads of tips for how, where, and when to shop, tutorials on basic sewing how-to's, some really amazing refashion ideas for clothes you may already have, and I'll be putting together some seriously cute outfits!

Visit tomorrow for Day 2 - Dressing for Your Body

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