New Digs - Building a House Part One

Building a house is the most exciting and nerve-wracking project you will ever take on.

The economics, the choices, the's enough to make the most sane person feel a bit batty.

 It's a great adventure, and definitely not for the faint of heart.

But when you lie awake at 3am worrying about down payments and paperwork, you remember why you wanted this so badly.

And when the walls start to go up, and your home begins to take shape... imagine the look on your child's face, thrilled to have her very first sleep over; the excitement of Christmas morning spent near the fireplace you and your husband designed and tiled together; the soft, spacious floors where your son will take his first steps.  You wonder if one day you'll throw your daughter a bridal shower in the backyard, or have a welcome home party for your son who's been gone two years.  You think of all the memories these walls will hold, the sacrifices that were so worth the tears and frustration.  Any maybe, after a while, you won't feel so batty anymore, but totally, completely, utterly blessed.

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